• Most Capable
  • Most Resilient
  • Most Accessible
Defender we've ever built.

Wheels & Brakes

The ever reliable TF105 7x16 Dakar Wheels are finished in Satin black and load rated to 1450kg and are the perfect frame for our zinc plated TF859 upgraded drive flanges

The highly distinctive Wavy Cross Drilled and Grooved Brake Disks have been paired with Terrafirma Performance Brake Pads and TF645GD Extended Brake Hoses for maximum bite from cold

Steering & Suspension

Equipped with the TF841/842 8-Stage Remote Reservoir Shock Absorbers, and paired with TF018/019 +2 inch springs the suspension can be optimised for any terrain.

A wealth of hardware also helps complete the setup including TF508 Caster Corrected Radius Arms, TF250 Heavy Duty Steering Rods and our signature TF835 Return to Centre Steering Damper

On the Front

The AWESOME looking front end is most noteable for the inclusion of the Terrafirma A12000 winch mounted on the recently introduced TF0015 Skeleton AC Winch Bumper.

Additionally we’ve included the TF270 Sport Grill, the TF710 LED Headlights, and of course our TF716 Compact LED lights fixed to our exclusive TF7220 Bulkhead Mounting Kit

On the Sides

Lightweight side and sill protection is provided by the TF0013 Skeleton Rock Sliders. So distinctive and practical and yet tasteful and built to last.

The TF1038 Raised Air Intake has modern styling and aerodynamic features and fits the body contours perfectly, and our TF666/667 wind deflectors are an absolute must for any Defender in our eyes

On the Roof

The TF975 Alloy Roof Rack offers nearly 4 sq/m of storage and weighs just 45kg and boasts an effective groove system which allows bolts to be positioned to suit individual needs.

The four super-bright TF705 25W LED spotlights mount easily to the rack and provide 1800 lumens to the terrain in front.

At the Rear

The TF051 Spare Wheel Carrier mounted on the rear is designed to improve load bearing by attaching to both the bodywork and the door via a sliding piston mechanism.

The TF571WC rear bumper corner guards offer a valuable additional layer of protection to the bodywork, while the robust TF980 ladder offers a practical access route to the roof rack


The level of underbody protection on our Defender is significant. We have front and rear diff guards (TF844/TF854) both made from zinc plated steel.

In addition, we have the TF841R tapered steering guard with built in recovery points, a TF880 fuel cooler guard and a TF845 fuel tank guard, leaving the vehicle properly equipped for any terrain.


The Terrafirma F1 Seat Retrim Kit offers a practical and eye-catching upgrade to the interior.

Also inside we’ve included our TFDPS2P Parcel Shelves, our TF2662B Cubby Box and we’ve helped secure the doors with our GI399 Bombproof Hinge Guards.

Watch the Build

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