Welcome to Allmakes4x4.com...

...the new home of land-rover-parts-shop.com

You have arrived on this page because you tried to access land-rover-parts-shop.com either directly or through a link or search result. From 24th October 2019 the domain land-rover-parts-shop.com is no longer in operation. We have put up this landing page to explain this and to reassure customers with active or previous orders from land-rover-parts-shop.com that you will continue to be looked after and to provide details on our new and feature-rich website and how to contact our team should you wish to do so.

So why have we switched off the old site?

The company behind land-rover-parts-shop.com took the decision to cease usage of the old site for several reasons. The main ones are as follows:

  • The site required modernising - it didn't render properly on mobile or tablet and failed to make the best use of modern browser capabilities.
  • The site contained a large amount of legacy code, which is a concern from a security and compliance perspective - the site therefore required a major overhaul to bring it up to modern standards.
  • The site lacked sufficient support for newer vehicles and struggled to profile and feature the wide range of accessories we have available.
  • The domain name and logo incorporates the name of a well known vehicle manufacturer, the owners of which had indicated would soon no longer be approved for use.

After 15 years, we know that some of you will be sad to see the site go, but that is why we have brought you here, because Allmakes4x4.com aims to pick up where land-rover-parts-shop.com left off.

Screenshot of the OLD Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com shown above


Click below to visit the NEW Allmakes4x4.com

What if I have a current Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com order?

The team behind Allmakes4x4.com - namely Frogs Island 4x4, is the exact same team that sat behind Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com. They have not lost access to your order details and will process your order to the same high-standards as before. If you wish to discuss your order with the team, please feel free to contact them at sales@frogisland4x4.com or on +44 (0)7841 501510 and quote your order number.

What if I have to return something or make a warranty claim?

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your order from Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com or that a product you bought from Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com fails in service then just as before , providing the part is being returned within our terms, you can return the product to us and we will process and refund as required. We will of course honour all warranty periods from the date of purchase.

So this new site Allmakes4x4.com - does it work just like the old site?

While the new site is powered by the same catalogue system as the old site, the new site is a major step up in the way you can interface with it. Where as before your choices for browsing started with you having to select a Vehicle, a Year and an Engine, you can now browse by Vehicle, Category, Brand and filter results according to Engine, Fuel, Transmission, Drive Side, and even your Registration Number (if you're in the UK). The search mechanism is also greatly improved and so much more efficient.

All of the features are accessible across all devices and browsers and have been heavily tested and optimised for speed.

I had a user account on Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com. Will I have to register again?

The technology and security that underpins Allmakes4x4.com is significantly more advanced than the old site, and so moving user accounts over from the old site to the new site has not been possible. Therefore users will need to register again if they wish to create a user account and make use of the host of features now available to you.

I can't see exploded diagrams anymore - What's happened to those?

There are one or two aspects of Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com that we really wanted to keep - these included the exploded diagrams. The truth is we only had a few dozen illustrations in use on the old site, but we appreciate these were very helpful when undertaking repair work. Unfortunately at this time we have not yet been able to manipulate our data to make the illustrations fit in to the new site in the way that we would like. However our in-house data and development teams are working hard to find a way to get these back. We will update customers when major changes to the site have been implemented.

If you wish to discuss this further then please feel free to contact us on +44 (0)1235 832900 or email sales@frogisland4x4.com

We hope you enjoy the new site and that it meets with your expectations. We would love to get your feedback and suggestions.

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